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Friday, June 12th | 6:00pm-7:15pm | Friday Night Dinner: Latin Cooking

Friday, June 12th | 6:00pm-7:15pm | Friday Night Dinner: Latin Cooking


Food (and cooking new food) is so much more approachable than people realize, especially when you have someone who can walk you through every step. This class will take students through the steps for making rice, one of the most important foods to master! Students will learn to make Arroz Amarillo con Pollo y Gondules (yellow rice with chicken and beans). Cook along with the demonstration and enjoy a delicious meal when class is over.

Supplies Needed:
- at least 1 lb. short- or medium-grain white rice (the instructor's favorite brands are Goya or Carolina)
- 1 box Sazon (this is a seasoning in the Goya/international aisle - there are several kind, you want the box that says for Yellow Rice/Arroz Amarillo)
- at least 2 lbs. of chicken parts (WITH bone and skin - the instructor prefers legs and thighs, but it's up to you)
- 1 jar green olives
- 1 potato
- 1 green pepper
- 1 white or yellow onion
- 1 bunch cilantro
- 2 carrots
- 5 cloves garlic OR garlic powder
- 1 can diced or whole tomato
- 1 can Goya Gondules (green peas) 
- 1 box chicken stock
- salt
- cumin
- olive oil
- small stock pot (doubled handled) OR braising pan OR rice pot
- frying pan
- rubber spatula or wooden spoon
- liquid measuring cup


This class is appropriate for ages 14+.

This class will take place online through ZoomLinks for Zoom classes will be sent by 5pm the day of the class. If you do not receive your link, please check your spam or email

About the teacher:
Christin Ortiz has been working in restaurants since she was 19. Starting in the front of the house, she realized early on she preferred the back of the house. Having worked in different kitchens, she is most proficient in Italian and Hispanic cuisine. Most recently Christin ran the food program at Joe Bean Roastery, where she focused the menu on her Latin-American heritage. She loves sharing her passion for food, and wants everyone to be able to cook the food they crave!

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