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Thursday, July 9th | 6:00pm-8:00pm | Learn to Make Macarons with Caramel Bakery

Thursday, July 9th | 6:00pm-8:00pm | Learn to Make Macarons with Caramel Bakery


Have you always wanted to learn how to make French macarons? In this class, students will learn the recipe, the scaling, mixing, baking, and decorating process of these beautiful delights - hands-on and from the comfort of their own home! Each student will have enough ingredients to bake at least eight mini-macarons and a small batch of buttercream.

Please note: Students should preheat their ovens to 300 degrees before class. Ingredient kits can be picked up curbside at 
Caramel Bakery, located at 647 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607 on Wednesday, July 8th from 4pm-7pm (call 978-7898 when you arrive).

Kitchen Tools Needed:
- some sort of mixer, with both a paddle attachment and whisk attachment
- a rubber spatula or a flexible spatula
- measuring cups
- measuring spoons
- 2 half-sheet pans or 2 cookie sheets of similar size

This class is appropriate for ages 16+.

This class will take place online through ZoomLinks for Zoom classes will be sent by 5pm the day of the class. If you do not receive your link, please check your spam or email

About the teacher:
Haley Shuman was born and raised in Rochester, and pastry is all she has ever done. She started learning about pastry at 15 when she interned at a small bakery in her hometown in Webster where she learned the fundamental of cake decorating and cookies. From there she knew that is what she wanted to do so she went to Penn State Williamsport for baking and pastry arts and graduated in 2012. After college Haley was the assistant pastry chef at the Riverside convention center which she learned so much in high end pastry. After a few years she moved on to managing the bakery at Hegedorn's Market in Webster where she learned volume baking and management. Caramel Bakery and Bar came to her in the form of a project in college as a late night bakery with cocktails!

For details on our class cancellation policy, parking, and more please visit our FAQs.