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Monday, June 1st | 6:30pm-7:30pm | Make Your Own Hammered Cuff

Monday, June 1st | 6:30pm-7:30pm | Make Your Own Hammered Cuff


Learn to create a hammered cuff bracelet! In this quick class students will form and shape a custom bracelet and learn a bit about the nature of metal and how to manipulate it. This beginner level class will encourage the comfort of using hand tools and will help create a foundation for students to continue creating their own pieces. Students use a variety of pliers, files, mallets, and hammers to create a beautiful, custom bracelet for you or to share!

This class is appropriate for ages 14+.

This class will take place at The Adorned Studios, located at 439 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607 on the first floor. Please enter through the front door. The studio is located behind the first door to the left upon entry.

About the teacher: 
Brittany Rea of Rae Designs is an artist working in a variety of materials including clay, paint, fibers, wood, and above all- metal. Rea Designs creates modern interpretations of timeless jewelry pieces focusing on the natural qualities of metal paired with an elegance through minimal design. Check out her work at

For details on our class cancellation policy, parking, and more please visit our FAQs.