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Tuesday, November 3rd | All Day | Election Day

Tuesday, November 3rd | All Day | Election Day


Yeah, you got us. This isn't a class, but it is a very important date to have in the 2020 calendar so we thought: why not add it to the schedule?

Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day! As an educational space, we'd like to help make sure you know what resources are available for you to learn about the candidates, where to vote, how to vote, and more. Here are some to consider:
City Newspaper
League of Women Voters
Vote 411
When We All Vote

But of course, we also want to have a little fun with it. Register for this "class" (of course this is not actually registering to vote or voting itself) to let us know you'll be headed to the polls: whether by mail, via early voting, or on Election Day itself. In doing so you'll be entered to win one of the Laura Makes Things pins shown in the photo. There will be 5 winners for each of the "I VOTED" pins, and 10 winners for the "Future Voter" pin that you can gift.

Please note: You don't need to be from Rochester, NY to enter (although that's where our biz is located). Pins can be shipped to anywhere in the US! Please select the pin you'd like to enter to win in the drop-down. Must be 18+ to enter. Winners will be chosen on November 4th, 2020.