Saturday, September 10th | 8:00am-10:00am | Pick Your Own Dahlia Hand-Tied Bouquet

Join us for a magical morning workshop at Trademarks Flower Farm in Clifton Springs. This experience will start with a brief tour of the farm, meandering through the flower fields and greenhouses while learning about growing cut flowers. Following the tour, you'll choose blooms from a pre-picked "bouquet bar" and will learn how to design a perfect garden-inspired, hand-tied bouquet to take home and enjoy. This class will have a heavy focus on dahlias, autumn’s most beloved flower. We'll discuss dahlia-growing basics and students can expect to pick other seasonal flowers such as specialty zinnias, ageratum, celosia, and eucalyptus.  

This class is appropriate for ages 18+.

This class will take place outdoors at Trademarks Flower Farm, located at 654 Larue Rd, Clifton Springs, NY 14432.

If you would like to request a sign language interpreter, or will be attending class with an aide please fill out our contact form. Please also let us know if you have any preferences (seating, vision access, etc).

About the teacher:
Jenny Marks is a flower farmer, designer, and the owner of Trademarks Flower Farm in Clifton Springs, NY.  Her expertise lies in growing gorgeous seasonal blooms for bouquets and her bouquet subscription program.  Jenny has extensive knowledge about farming and growing flowers, and can’t wait to share all kinds of tips and tricks with you for growing and designing local flowers! Follow her on Instagram.

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