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Masters | Individual Membership

Masters | Individual Membership


What’s included?

  • Class Discount: 30% off all classes for one year
  • Gifts: The membership that keeps giving! Each month you'll receive an email letting you know what local gift you'll be receiving that month.
  • Brain-Swag: Rochester Brainery t-shirt, pin, and hat
  • Food + Drink: You'll receive a $20 gift card to Nox Cocktail, a coupon for a BOGO flight at Living Roots, and a free coffee from Starry Nites Cafe.
  • Fitness: Working out the mind and the body! You'll receive a free class at M/Body.
  • Kombucha: You'll get one free 12oz glass of Katboocha Kombucha at each class you attend.

After your purchase, please allow up to 3 business days for your membership discount code to arrive via email. At that time, we'll confirm your mailing address so we can pop your additional membership items in the mail. Please note that your discount on classes can only be used on tickets for you, not for friends or family. Membership discount may not be available to use for special events.