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Tuesday, March 10th | 6:00pm – 8:00pm | Bourbon Blending

Tuesday, March 10th | 6:00pm – 8:00pm | Bourbon Blending


Every barrel is different, and it’s the blending of bourbon barrels that makes a great whiskey. In this class, students will get an in-depth look into how to make and age whiskey and then blend their own! You'll taste several single barrels as well as a few blends and then measure the perfect whiskey for your palette. Each student will take home a 375ml bottle of whiskey they have blended.

Please note: Participants must be 21+.

This class will be held at Black Button Distillery, located at 85 Railroad St, Rochester, NY, 14609.

About the teacher:
Jason Barrett is the youngest Master Distiller in the United States. Black Button Distilling is a reflection of his personality in liquid form and was originally conceived while he was working as a business consultant in Washington DC. Jason returned to his hometown of Rochester after attending several distilling schools across the country. At Black Button, he creates the whiskey recipes, blends the barrel aged products, oversees the operation of the still, balances the checkbook and manages sales. If you see him out in the community, make sure to say “Hello!” He always has a story to share about what’s going on at the distillery.

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