Thursday, November 17th | 6:30pm-8:00pm | Chocolate Making Basics


From its delicious taste and the snap of a chocolate bar when we break off a piece to the bright sheen on a chocolate covered mango or the aroma of a chocolate covered strawberry, all of this is a result of tempering chocolate. In this chocolate basics workshop, we'll talk about the process that creates the chocolate that we eat and love: the result of centuries of discovery, exploration, experiments, sipping, experiencing, and innovation. Ultimately, it is the result of science, and we will also explore a myriad of ways that chemistry and biology infiltrate chocolate. Learn how to temper chocolate and go home with your very own creation of chocolate bark! The skills and knowledge will translate into the ability to make your own chocolate creations at home, including chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate molds, writing with chocolate, and more.

Please note: 
All recipes made in this class are vegan-friendly. The kitchen classroom is not an allergen-free environment, so please plan accordingly. Students will be standing during this class, however stools will be available.

This class is appropriate for all ages, although anyone under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult. Please purchase one ticket per person attending.

This class will take place at Eat Me Ice Cream located inside The Hungerford Building at 1115 East Main St. Suite 148. Please enter through Door 1.

If you would like to request a sign language interpreter or will be attending class with an aide, please fill out our contact form. Please also let us know if you have any preferences (seating, vision access, etc).

About the teacher:
Owners Karla Carey, Lindsay Tarnoff, and Allison Zukoski operate and manage Laughing Gull Chocolates. Each instructor has years of experience in baking and making chocolate confections, and all are certified in Sensory Analysis. Laughing Gull Chocolates creates with a conscience. Part of this is being intentional about choosing a supply chain that nurtures relationships with the people who supply and lovingly farm the cacao. Laughing Gull uses their delicious confections to connect chocolate lovers to the source in a united mission to help save the world.

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