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Friday, October 18th | 6:00PM-8:00PM | Halloween Special Effects Makeup: Zombies!

Friday, October 18th | 6:00PM-8:00PM | Halloween Special Effects Makeup: Zombies!


Do you feel like you're in a decaying state? Do you have discolored skin and eyes? Are you non-communicative and unemotional? Do you prefer the taste of flesh?!?! If you were lost at the flesh-eating, then you are not a zombie but wouldn't you love to know how to create special effects makeup like a zombie? Come take this demonstration class to learn how to turn someone into a flesh-eating, decaying zombie! 

Please note: 
We will be picking two people from the class to be the model (if you're interested in becoming a model, please wear a shirt you do not care about, in case things get... messy). Two looks will be done this class - half zombie face with staples and half burned off face.

This class will take place at Rochester Brainery, located at 176 Anderson Ave. F109, Rochester, NY 14607.

About the teacher:
Amanda Falzone has been a working Makeup Artist since 2013 and has been certified since 2012. When she is doing beautiful makeup for special events (specifically weddings and print photography), she enjoys all things creepy. Her favorite season? CREEPY SEASON! Why? Her creepiness can finally come out in the way of special FX makeup. Come October, she's elbow deep in coagulated blood and liquid latex. While she doesn't enjoy scary movies, but she does appreciate scary makeup!

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