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 Learn to Dye Your Own 3D Printed Earrings

Thursday, November 4th | 6:30pm-8:30pm | Learn to Dye Your Own 3D Printed Earrings


Learn to use 3D printed parts to make a unique pair of earrings - a perfect class for beginners who are ready to learn a unique new skill and experience the exciting world of 3D printing. Students will also learn to use dyes to color nylon 3D prints as well as basic metal fabrication tools.

This class is appropriate for all ages.

This class will take place indoors at Maddy's studio, located at the Cunnigham Building, 9 Canal Street, Rochester NY 14608. 

Live subtitles will be available upon request during this class. If you prefer a sign language interpreter, please fill out our contact form. Please also let us know if you have any preferences (seating, vision access, etc).

About the teacher:
Maddy Schoenfeld is a jeweler and metalsmith living and working in Rochester, New York. Maddy specializes in sterling silver jewelry and colorful, hand dyed, 3D printed nylon jewelry. She strives to stretch the limits of 3D Printing applications by using them in a totally unique way, utilizing both color and form to build geometric shapes into organic compositions. Maddy is also a metalsmith and incorporates many traditional techniques into her designs. Using these techniques, Maddy is able to create unique sculptural forms and wearable pieces of jewelry. Her collections consist of everything from lightweight earrings to rings that make a bold statement. 

For details on our class cancellation policy, parking, and more please visit our FAQs.