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Sunday, July 28th & August 4th | 8:00am-4:00pm | MIG & TIG Welding Workshop

Sunday, July 28th & August 4th | 8:00am-4:00pm | MIG & TIG Welding Workshop


In this combination welding class you'll get 16-hours of class over 2 weeks - and learn MIG & TIG welding back-to-back! Arc + Flame's standardized safety training will be taught once on the first day, allowing for additional torch time the following week. This "crash course" was designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to start working with this fun metal joining process. Never tried welding before? Don't be intimidated! Arc  Flame's staff has experience training thousands of beginning welding students of all ages, genders and walks of life.

MIG Welding: Also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or Wire Feed Welding, MIG is a versatile welding process that is relatively easy to learn. A MIG system includes a constant voltage welding power source, a wire feeder, torch, shielding gas, gas regulator, and welding wire. MIG is typically the process we recommend for those who have never welded before, and great for welding steel and the equipment is relatively inexpensive.  

TIG Welding: Also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or "Heli-Arc" Welding, TIG is a welding process that utilizes a non-consumable Tungsten electrode to create an electric arc. TIG is the ideal welding application for exotic metals (aluminum, stainless, titanium) and thin sheet metal and tubing.

Please note: This is a two part class held on July 24th from 8-4pm AND August 4th from 8-4pm, so please make sure you can attend BOTH sessions before signing up. This class is for ages 14+. All materials and safety equipment are included. Breakfast snacks and lunch will be provided.

Student Health & Physical Condition:
Arc + Flame programs are designed to be as inclusive as possible. However, in our attempt to make classes enjoyable for all students we ask you to strongly consider any concerns with your vision, hearing, hand dexterity or mental health. Welding involves direct contact with intense heat from torches. If you have further questions, please contact Arc + Flame Center at 585-349-7110 before signing up for this class. We want to ensure the best possible class experience for all our students.

This class will take place at Arc + Flame Center, located at 125 Fedex Way, Rochester NY.

About the teacher:
Scott Quick is one of our Welding Instructors here at the Arc + Flame Center and has 15 years of experience in the field. He started his welding career in the military where he attended the Army’s Metal Worker School, 44B. Scott went on to work for the Department of Defense as an Army/Civilian Technician where he enhanced his welding and fabrication skills. Seeking more knowledge and self-improvement, he enrolled in and graduated from our 20 Week Adult Career Welding and Fabrication Program. Ever since then he has been assisting and teaching our various welding classes. Scott would like to leave his students with a statement, “Being an instructor is a profoundly challenging and rewarding job.”

For details about our refund and class cancellation policy, visit our FAQs.