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Thursday, January 9th | 6:30pm-8:00pm | Introduction to Plant Magic

Thursday, January 9th | 6:30pm-8:00pm | Introduction to Plant Magic


This class will provide a perspective on homeopathic healing that can be accessed using tools we all internally possess. We will introduce the concept of whole body healing and how to embrace the skills used by our ancestors in what we like to call plant magic, or re-establishing our relationship with useful plants and herbs to learn useful medicine-making skills with which to heal yourself and your family- naturally. During class we will cover the basics of how to connect with plants on an introspective level through journaling and using our senses to identify plant benefits. We will teach you how to feel each environment that you come into contact with as a living, breathing, constantly communicating, ever-adapting, deeply intelligent organism. Join us for an herbally delightful class that will shift the modern paradigm of healing. 

This class is appropriate for ages 18+.

This class will take place at Center Cafe and Studios, located at 1322 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14609.

About the teacher:
Center Cafe and Studio believes in the magic of healing. As herbal enthusiasts, they envision a community uniting together to take back their power in health. They view healing as a subjective matter — each individual path is unique. Their holistic practice embraces the gift of herbal remedies in collaboration with the sanctity of yoga to provide inspired, creative means of conscious healing and wellness.

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