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Thursday, May 14th | 7:00PM-8:30PM | Rochester's Marvelous Monuments

Thursday, May 14th | 7:00PM-8:30PM | Rochester's Marvelous Monuments


The plaque next to a highway off-ramp commemorating Lincoln’s brief stop in Rochester, the first statue to memorialize an African-American, the drinking fountain admonishing temperance and the small Statue of Liberty replica in rural village parks, the Highland Bowl (yes, it’s a memorial) — Local monuments and memorials tell interesting stories, but ironically, they can be easy to overlook. In this month of Memorial Day, come hear the stories behind the famous and forgotten monuments and memorials that dot the Greater Rochester landscape and remember the people and events that they honor.

This class is appropriate for all ages.

This class will take place at Rochester Brainery, located at 176 Anderson Ave. F109, Rochester, NY 14607.

About the teachers:
This class will be led by members of the Young Urban Preservationists (YUPs), an affiliate group of The Landmark Society of Western New York. The YUPs are an emerging generation of preservationists in the greater Rochester region dedicated to promoting inclusive, modern, and innovative preservation practices to help revitalize communities and our built environment.

Caitlin Meives is a proud (and nerdy) preservationist. She is the co-founder of the YUPs and the Director of Preservation at The Landmark Society. Tyler Lucero is the Preservation Projects Facilitator at The Landmark Society, a member of the YUP Steering Committee, and a former earth and environmental sciences teacher. Christopher Brandt is an architect at Bero Architecture, PLLC, a local history buff, and the Advocacy & Education Chair of the YUPs.

For details on our class cancellation policy, parking, and more please visit our FAQs.