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Tuesday, March 12th | 6:30pm-8:30pm | UnlockIt™: The Power of Strengths Use

Tuesday, March 12th | 6:30pm-8:30pm | UnlockIt™: The Power of Strengths Use


All Performance is Connected to the Wise Application of Strengths
457 of the top Fortune 500 companies have encouraged employees to become adept in understanding their own strengths. However, it is not enough to merely know your strengths, you must know how to strategically use them, in consistent ways that allow you to co-create sustained high energy and performance experiences for yourself and others. UnlockIt: The Power of Strengths Use is about focusing attention on effectively and strategically applying strengths in ways that will lead to optimal performance every time.
High-performing employees experience greater engagement and joy in their work, and in their personal life – and strengths use is directly correlated with high performance! This makes understanding and using strengths everyone’s business, as everyone stands to gain when individuals take responsibility for, and are motivated to create and maintain optimal performance through effectively using strengths.
Come attend UnlockIt to….
  • Recognize the role of strengths in producing sustained, optimal performance, and high energy.
  • Change negative feelings and interactions by understanding and applying strengths more effectively.
  • Get beyond simply knowing what your strengths are, to see what to do with that knowledge!

Please note: Although not required for you to benefit from our time together, if you’re curious and would like to have your top 5 talent themes prior to the webinar, you may follow the instructions to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment.

Class location: This class will take place at Rochester Brainery located at 176 Anderson Ave. F109, Rochester, NY 14607.  

About the teacher:
Nermine Zakhary is a practitioner of strengths, particularly how to strategically apply them in ways to accelerate performance, energy, relationships & results! A Certified People Acuity Coach™, Nermine coaches individuals or small groups and also facilitates workshops to teach strengths strategies for clients to reach – and stay at their optimal zone. The focus is on strengths-building instead of weakness-fixing!

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