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Teacher Spotlight: Kate Western

Teacher Spotlight: Kate Western

Healing Homes: Replacing Chemicals with Essential Oils

By: Kate Western, Young Living Essential Oils Educator and Distributor

Our homes and our bodies are sacred. They deserve the utmost respect and care to order to be healthy. Why would we want to slowly poison ourselves with toxic chemicals found in cleaning products and personal care items? Most of us are unaware of the toxicity of the chemicals being used in products today, but don’t worry, there is an alternative!

The first step towards healing your home is awareness, which tends to be at the root of all change. During my class on October 8th, I will teach you about the dangers of diethanolamine, propylene gylcol, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, talc and more. Can you believe that this is only five of the estimated 125 ingredients that are known to be hazardous to our health?

There is a better way to maintain our homes and our bodies, and the answer is using 100% plant based essential oils. Nature’s gifts, such as eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove and rosemary, are antimicrobial and highly effective cleaning agents. Not only can many essential oils kill bacteria, but they can also be antiseptic, antifungal and can kill mold.

The powerful benefits of using essential oils goes beyond just avoiding chemicals, as they can be used as “nature’s medicine”. For example, lavender oil can be used as a pain reliever, to support respiratory healthy during a cold, to inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes skin infections, to soothe a burn and the list goes on. Not only do essential oils such as lavender have an effect on the physical body, but also on the mind as it calms and relaxes. That is what makes essential oils amazing, they affect the mind and the body to create balance and wellness.

Kate will be teaching “Healing Homes: Replacing Chemicals with Essential Oils” on Tuesday, October 8th from 7:00-8:30pm. Check it out here!

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