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Adam Werth: Gallery Coordinator

Adam Werth: Gallery Coordinator

Meet Adam Werth, the Gallery Coordinator for the NEW Mind/Matter Gallery at Rochester Brainery!

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of the Rochester Brainery team: Adam Werth! Adam is our new Gallery Coordinator and will be taking the lead on our new ‘space within a space’ – the Mind/Matter Gallery at Rochester Brainery.

“Art is meant to challenge boundary conditions, and Mind/Matter Gallery is a space to present ideas that do just that.” -Adam Werth

There are a lot of reasons we think Adam is the perfect gentleman for the job. He is an accomplished artist and art director and has had the chance to work with some of the best artists and printmakers in the world. In addition, he has an extensive background with media including: wood, glass, painting, installation, sculpture, animation, performance, printmaking, and drawing.

Adam is currently Vice President of the Print Club of Rochester. Founded in 1930, The Print Club of Rochester is an organization devoted to preserving and exploring the fine art of printmaking. The members include enthusiasts who appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the medium and its ability to produce images in multiples.

Born and raised in Upstate, NY, Adam completed his undergraduate education and played soccer at University at Buffalo.  Growing up he was just like every other student – he had no clue what he wanted to do professionally. Being exposed to a broad range of art and creative disciplines from a young age is what really planted the seed of influence for Adam.

It wasn’t until Adam took a drawing concepts course with Distinguished Professor Harvey Breverman, that he realized he had a future with art. “I loved this class and recognized this experience as a pivotal moment in my life. Harvey pulled me aside at the end of one of the classes and said that he had nominated me for Eugene Gaier drawing award.” Adam ended up winning that award and he had the opportunity to visit Dr. Gaier’s home to view his private collection.”

After college, Adam landed his first higher education teaching job and chair position in Barbados at Barbados Community College.  Over his seven year tenure, Adam developed what is now recognized as the best BFA Program in the region.

“The activity of being exposed to a number of different cultures and perspectives made the seed grow, and finally observational skills and talent as a draftsman made the career blossom. An insatiable appetite for knowledge acts as the fertilizer. I also put a huge value in my parents letting me be me. I was guided not directed and I aim to do the same with my kids!”

Paradigms and perspectives are already changing. Adam believes that art is drifting away from art in the ‘traditional’ sense, where everything was separated by medium (painting, sculpture, etc.). Everything is a remix and it is the true visionaries and teachers, like Adam and other artists, that help change and shape the world of art!

Come view the amazing talent of Adam and others of the Print Club of Rochester on at our First Friday Gallery opening on Friday, November 7th from 6-9 p.m. Cant make it? The artwork will be up through the entire month of November!

Interested in putting your art on display at the Mind/Matter Gallery? Email Adam at for more information.

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