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Rochester Brainery's Newest Pupil

Rochester Brainery's Newest Pupil

Passionate, driven, and positive are three words that describe most of who I am. Growing up in the small town of Cohocton (basically in the middle of nowhere), I found myself in a limited environment. It wasn’t until college that I truly discovered the opportunities our world has to offer. Though I will always cherish my roots which started from that small town, I am eager to get out and experience the world. This is why I, Cohen Miles-Rath, sit before you writing my first blog post for Rochester Brainery.

Why am I blogging for this specific business? Well, I just became their new intern for this spring semester. I can honestly say that I am beyond excited for these next few months in my life. Not only am I working my first internship, I am senior at SUNY Geneseo and this will be my last full semester. College has been a wild ride for me. Double majoring in Communication and Sociology, participating in three varsity sports, experiencing the social life, working late night shifts to make those extra few bucks… yeah, you can understand how busy I have been. If you remember the three words I used to describe myself, you’ll know exactly how I am able to handle my schedule and why I’ve chosen this path.

Before I get to describing how excited I am about this internship, let me give you some unique facts about me. Well, I am the first person in my family to go to college. I grew up with five other siblings, me being the youngest. I recently became an uncle to an adorable baby named Wesley. I love to play the drums (started sometime around age 7), have been able to be in a band, and still have jam sessions with my best friend from home. Probably the most distinguishable aspect of me is my passion and dedication to running. Yes, I’ve been running since the seventh grade and have been continuing my success with it into college as a varsity cross country, indoor and outdoor track athlete. Being on a team that competes at a national level and chasing times on the track has truly made me the passionate and driven person I am today. In the past two years I have picked up triathlons as a way to continue my passion in competing and running after college. In a few years, there is a good chance I will be doing Ironman races. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they are triathlon races that consist of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a marathon. Sounds crazy right? Most definitely true, but I thoroughly enjoy the sport and will continue it while I pursue my career.

By now, you should be able to tell how energetic I am and how there is never a dull moment in my life. Already having my first day as an intern at Rochester Brainery, I can tell that this position is going to fit me well. I love the idea of the business and how it brings the community together. I am grateful for this opportunity Stephanie and Danielle have given me and will not displease. Part of my job is to write blogs so you will be hearing from me again. This internship is the start of my professional career which is the first step into the next part of my life (the graduated life).

I encourage you to spread the word about Rochester Brainery as it is a successful business and encourages a positive community. So come on in, I’ll be here on many nights working to improve the Rochester Brainery experience and would love to include you!

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