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Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I

Summertime can mean many different things: Vacations, relaxation, no school, and warm weather. However, here at Rochester Brainery it also marks a time to welcome new interns, like me! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Courtney O’Gorman and I’ll be the resident blogger for Rochester Brainery this summer! I thought I would take a moment to tell you a little bit more about myself so you can get to know the person whose blog posts you’ll be reading all summer long.

Well, for starters, I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and will be a senior at SUNY Geneseo in the fall. I’m a Communication major with an English minor where I dabble in both literature and creative writing studies. Upon graduation next year I’ll be entering what’s referred to as the “real world” (scary!). I plan on pursuing a career in public relations, however, I am open to the possibilities that come with graduating and can guarantee I’ll be doing something fantastic! What I’m looking forward to most is studying abroad this fall. I’ll be heading to Bath, England for the semester and plan on traveling around Europe as frequently as possible to see as many places as I can!

Something unique about me is that for the past two semesters, I worked on the staff for Gandy Dancer—a literary magazine that publishes the best prose, poetry, and visual art exclusively for SUNY writers and artists. I had the privilege of serving as both a prose reader and the Public Relations Manager and I am thrilled to be returning to Gandy Dancer in the spring as a Managing Editor for issue 4.2. My work there has even made me consider a career in the multifaceted world of publishing.

When not interning or avidly reading and writing, I can be found at the cinema or re-watching seasons of The Office on Netflix (Jim & Pam forever ). I can also be found most days at Starbucks—I’ll admit it, I’m a coffee addict. In my spare time I love listening to music. I’m pretty much a fan of all musical genres and like to listen to an eclectic mix, but I’ll always be a die-hard Backstreet Boys fan at heart.

So you may be wondering why I chose to intern at Rochester Brainery. Well, the answer is simple—Rochester Brainery is such a vital part of the Rochester community. Their class-oriented structure provides local entrepreneurs, artists, artisans, and more with unique opportunities for engagement and connectivity. Even better? The plethora of affordable classes they offer comprise a wide range of diverse interests and opportunities for locals. Therefore, there’s something for everyone! As soon as I heard about their mission and vision, I knew I had to become a part of such a unique organizational culture.

I’m extremely excited to be working with Rochester Brainery this summer and can’t wait to start blogging! Keep checking the blog throughout the summer for exclusive coverage on upcoming events, in-depth interviews, and teacher spotlights. Make sure to spread the word about Rochester Brainery and sign up for a class sometime—trust me, it’s a blast!

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