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Top 20 Classes of 2015

Top 20 Classes of 2015



Can you believe it's February? Time flies when you're having fun and learning new things! 2015 was an incredible year. We are very lucky to be surrounded by a community who loves to learn as much as they love to share what they know with others.

After going through our yearly stats to see how we can improve in 2016, we came across the top 20 classes of 2015 and thought we'd go ahead and share them with you (in no particular order)! *Drum roll please...*

 Top 20 Classes of 2015:

    - American Architectural History: 19th Century
    - Launching Your Startup in Rochester
    - Make Homemade Pierogi (Coming back Fall 2016!)
    - Old House Hacks
    - Introduction to Dip-Pen Calligraphy
    - Vegan and Gluten-Free Holiday Appetizers
    - Amenda Quartet Presents: Beethoven's String Quartet
    - French Macarons
    - Instagram for Small Business
    - Mother's Day Sparkling Wines
    - Terrarium Workshop (Coming back on March 23rd!)
    - Don't Have A Cow: Easy Vegan Cheese Anyone Can Make (Coming back  on April 7th!)
    - The Art of Hand Lettering and Chalk
    - Essential Oils for Winter
    - Crash Course in American Architectural History: 20th Century
    - Pumpkin Carving & A Fall Dinner with Lento Restaurant
    - Rochester Oratorio Society Presents: Mendelssohn and Friends
    - Sushi Making Workshop (Coming back on March 29th!)
    - Indian Cooking: Chicken Makhani
    - Introduction to Watercolor Painting (Coming back on February 10th!)

      We couldn't just stop there, so here's a few more facts about 2015:

        - On average, about 270 people came to the Brainery every month.
        - On average, we held 27 classes each month.
        - Monday's are the most popular day of the week for classes. Gotta beat the Monday blues!
        - In 2015, we had 2,760 women and 482 men participate in our classes.
        - Most popular genre of class? Art/Craft.

        And there you have it! We want to give a huge shout-out to all of our amazing teachers for providing the community with awesome, affordable classes. p.s. We actually have a very special list on Twitter that let's you stay in touch with our teachers! Check it out.

        We love your feedback! What classes would you like to take in 2016? Do you have any other suggestions you'd like to share? We're open to ideas, friends! After all, we are here for you! Let us know in the comments below :)

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