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A New Season For Rochester Brainery

A New Season For Rochester Brainery

Written by Danielle Raymo

It dawned on me today that we have less than a month left at 176 Anderson Avenue. Because we're the sentimental type, our last class at our own space will be Beginner Improv, which also just so happened to be our first class in our own space (our original space, in Village Gate).

Over the past decade we've seen a lot of new beginnings: the move to a larger space in 2016, the shift to online during the pandemic, and the shift back to in-person that has had it's fair share of challenges, even with such incredible community support.

Village Gate in 2016
Village Gate in 2015
176 Anderson Ave. in May 2016
176 Anderson Ave in 2016

That brings us to today, where we're welcoming in another new beginning for Rochester Brainery: a new season for the new season, we'll say, because on top if being the sentimental type, we're also the corny type.

Starting on April 25th, 2023, we'll be offering our classes exclusively at partner venues around town instead of at a space of our own (and some online still, too). You'll still see 60+ classes a month on our schedule. Aside from us being at a different location each night and not being able to rent our space you might, in fact, not even notice a difference.

Yes, we'll miss our big windows and plant collection, but more than anything we are ready to see where (literally!) our expansion into the community, can take us.

We're going back to our roots, focusing solely on using our platform to develop strong relationships between the people and businesses in Rochester while promoting and supporting them. Our community has so much to share, and we want to help be the place where you can find what Rochester has to offer through educational experiences.

We are so thankful to everyone who has been a part of our journey and hope you'll continue to come along for the ride. Who knows where then next decade will take us, but we're excited to find out. πŸ’™

- Danielle, Owner, Rochester Brainery

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