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Brain Music Ep. 31: Jenna Gagnier

Brain Music Ep. 31: Jenna Gagnier


There's no doubt that finding the perfect playlist can motivate and inspire you. Whether it's finishing the last mile of your run, tackling that laundry you've been putting off, or getting you through your workday, tunes can change everything. So let's motivate and inspire each other, shall we?

This is Brain Music: a selection of songs curated monthly by different members of the Rochester community that we hope will inspire you the same way it inspires its curator. Today we bring you a playlist curated by Jenna Gagnier, who designed our new stickers. Without further ado, here's Brain Music Episode 31.


Jenna Grangier Brain Music Introduction Photo by Julia Merrell

Hello! I’m Jenna and foremost, I’d like to introduce myself as a very emotional person. Other than that, I own a little business called Papalupi. I make a variety of small objects with my doodles and inspirational sayings on them, primarily pins and stickers. I also spend a good amount of my time sewing and dreaming up new clothes. The outfit I’m pictured in is one I designed and made for myself! 


Jenna working from abovePhoto by Julia Merrell

What I put into my work is close to what I look for in the music I listen to. Sometimes, I like things to be a little over the top, a bit crazy, with a hint of youthful innocence (Kate Bush, Bjork). Usually I gravitate towards combinations of sweetness and strength (Joni Mitchell, Loretta Lynn). And of course uniqueness is very important to me too (Nico, Stevie Nicks, and pretty much everyone included in the playlist).


Jenna working at Catherine Rising

Photo by Julia Merrell

My playlist is a little random and not totally planned out (quite like my writing). For a long time I couldn’t have tolerated that sort of disorganization, but I’ve learned a lot in the past few years, especially through the places that Papalupi has brought me. 


Jenna in the mirror at Catherine RisingPhoto by Julia Merrell

Oh, by the way, papalupi isn’t just a made up word. It is made up, but it has a real meaning. I used the word papalupi (and a few others) before I could speak English. Simply put, it means blanket. But it also represents, to me, the feeling of safety, security. It might sound silly, but I’ve been gripping my papalupi quite desperately for most of life. I was staying “safe” and “secure”, never venturing beyond my space of relative comfort. But I’ve had a lot of help, specifically in this past year. I started working for Catherine Costanza about a year ago at Catherine Rising. She’s helped me come as far as I have today, I really want to thank her for that. Not only did she help me make some decisions about what songs to include, she pushed me to write the email that sort of led to this playlist in the first place!


Jenna workingPhoto by Julia Merrell

Anyway, I’m going way off track! This is about my playlist! However, if you are interested in reading any more of my ramblings, you’re quite welcome to follow me on Instagram @jenna.a.gagnier to hear all about my thoughts and feelings on everything, particularly about mental health. While you're at it, you may as well follow @_papalupi_ too! Okay, seeing as it seems I cannot manage to stick to any subject for very long, I’ll turn it over to the music now. I hope you enjoy it!!

- Jenna

Listen to Jenna's playlist here, or preview it below. 


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