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Brain Music Ep. 34: Jenny Rae Siplo

Brain Music Ep. 34: Jenny Rae Siplo

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There's no doubt that finding the perfect playlist can motivate and inspire you. Whether it's finishing the last mile of your run, tackling that laundry you've been putting off, or getting you through your workday, tunes can change everything. So let's motivate and inspire each other, shall we?

This is Brain Music: a selection of songs curated monthly by different members of the Rochester community that we hope will inspire you the same way it inspires its curator. Today, we bring you a playlist curated by Jenny Rae Siplo from Flowerwell. Without further ado, here's Brain Music Episode 34.

 Jenny Rae Introduction

Anyone who knows me well knows I am an old soul. I suppose that is in some ways why flowers and I are such good friends.  My floral design style is what I call modern-garden, or garden-esque. I find gardens to be deeply romantic. Not in the essence of walk on the beach at sunset romantic, but the kind of romantic that makes your heart flutter just a touch. The way flowers move the wind, their ruffly petals, the dance they put on as you walk through them, the sun hitting them at dusk. It is almost a romance that you have with the garden rather than with another.  

Jenny Rae Brain Music

I design while listening to all kinds of music but I like melodies that are soft and usually filled with love. I suppose the romantic nature of the flowers I grow and work with guide my listening tastes. If I'm in the studio designing a bridal bouquet, I want the music to match the occasion. I usually fall to jazz, but on other occasions, I look for music that tugs at my heartstrings. The more emotionally involved I am, the better I design, and the music is often what helps guide that emotion.  As cliche as it is, I could listen to this Duke Ellington track on repeat. It gets me, my touch becomes softer, my design becomes richer, the flowers fall into perfect place more naturally.


Jenny Rae with Dog

As a tidbit, there have been studies done about how plants respond to music. The story goes that the plants flourished while listening to classical and began to die after prolonged listening to rock. I like to think the plants and I are connected as we both share the same tastes, although I hear they prefer violin while I prefer the sax! May you enjoy this romance filled collection of songs and may you walk in a garden while listening.

xo Jenny Rae, Flowerwell

Listen to Jenny Rae's playlist here, or preview it below.


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