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Brain Music Episode 23: Sarah Klingenberger

Brain Music Episode 23: Sarah Klingenberger


There's no doubt that finding the perfect playlist can motivate and inspire you. Whether it's finishing the last mile of your run, tackling that laundry you've been putting off, or getting you through your workday, tunes can change everything. So let's motivate and inspire each other, shall we?

This is Brain Music: a selection of songs curated monthly by different members of the Rochester community that we hope will inspire you the same way it inspires its curator.

Today we bring you a playlist from local photographer Sarah Klingenberger, whose work is on display in our Gallery Room until the end of August. Without further ado, here's Brain Music Episode 23.


Sarah K Intro

Photo by Olivia Bauso

As a photographer I look for ordinary, unexpected beauty that will transport the viewer just as music does for me. Music transports you to so many different moments, times, and places. It invokes feeling! It makes me want to dance, to move, to be happy! It can encourage you to push on towards the finish line.


Sarah walking with her husband

Photo by Olivia Bauso

I am a runner and on that last half mile I want some high intensity “you got this” music blaring in my ears. I usually listen to the radio on my way to work to help set a positive attitude for the day. I enjoy listening to uplifting songs that bring a smile to my face that will hopefully spark a smile in those that see me.  


Sarah with her camera

Photo by Olivia Bauso

Music for me is like a breath of fresh air some days. Sometimes when the world is just to much, it’s a way to escape my feelings of wanting to scream but being unable to find the words to say.  I’m set free by the lyrics and rhythms the artist is conveying to my soul. 


Sarah taking photo

Photo by Olivia Bauso

One thing that I love about music is that there are so many different genres to listen to. The options are pretty endless. I have a variety of music styles that I like to listen to; as you will hear in the playlist I created. Enjoy!

- Sarah


Listen to Sarah’s playlist on Spotify or preview it here:


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