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Get Holiday Glam with Brittany Moore

Get Holiday Glam with Brittany Moore

Words and photos by Olivia Bauso

Dressing up for the holidays can be quite the drag when you don't have a personal glam squad, especially when you're in a pinch. Today, Brittany Moore shows off how women can create the messy but dressy holiday look all on their own.

Brittany Moore is a Rochester native and New York City trained hairstylist specializing in razor haircuts, advanced color techniques and wedding parties. Throughout her years as a stylist, she has found that many clients cannot perform simple styles or fixes on themselves, like trimming their bangs or blow-drying their hair. She says, “If you just know a few of hairstylists’ little tricks, it can change your whole look.”

Brittany adds: “A lot of people have to run straight from work to events during the holidays. I want to show them they can do more than just throw their hair in a ponytail, and can look polished with very little effort.” By “polished,” Brittany doesn’t mean your look has to be slicked back and lathered in hairspray. In fact, the messy look is very much on trend right now. Here is one way you can jazz up your updo this season…

Simply start by pulling your hair back into a high ponytail, leaving a few natural bumps and wispy hairs. For this look, Brittany parted a section of hair to leave down and curl later. Once you have your ponytail where you want it, use dry shampoo and hairspray to tease the hair, creating volume (don’t be afraid to really get at it!). Brittany says, “A lot of people think you can’t do an up-do without setting the hair first, but that’s just not true!” She also adds, “You can never use too much dry shampoo.”

Once the hair is teased, gather and pull it up and away from the head. Roll the hair forward as many times as needed until a bun begins to form. Secure with bobby pins. After the general shape has been built, use bobby pins to cover the visible hair tie. From there, continue pinning and reshaping until you are satisfied with what you’ve built. Brittany suggests never restarting the look once you’ve started pinning. You can always rework what you’ve created so far.

Again using bobby pins, shape the remaining hair and pull back behind the ear. These pieces can be curled using a tool, if desired. Spray the entire head generously with hairspray for longevity. Styling cream may also be used to smooth out the bangs and any baby hairs. For added fun, create your own hairpieces by attaching “pearl” beads to a bobby pin with copper wire. Keep adding the pearls until you’ve reached your desired look.

Voila! You’re now party ready.

More about Brittany

Brittany attended the ARROJO cosmetology school in Manhattan following the completion of her BFA in Dance at SUNY Purchase. After growing up with a mother as a hairdresser and with a salon right in her household, Brittany always knew she wanted to be a stylist. After years of working and living in New York, she and her husband have moved back to their hometown of Rochester to raise their two children. Brittany has just recently opened The Factory Hairdressing, her own salon located downtown next to Ugly Duck. Her services include razor haircuts, coloring and bridal styling. Brittany hopes to grow the space with more artists and create a shared environment for multiple makers to take advantage of. 

Brittany will be teaching more tips and tricks on getting ready this holiday season during our What a Crafty Weekend: Get Holiday Ready with the Adorned Studios. Join her for a Holiday Hair Workshop on Saturday November 11 from 3 to 4pm, for a complete list of classes during the weekend, click here

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