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2016 Class Roundup

2016 Class Roundup

Words by Olivia Bauso and Danielle Raymo
Infographic by Justin Dusett

It has truly been an exciting year for us here at Rochester Brainery and we wouldn't be here without you! Thank you for attending classes, partnering with us on events, and helping us connect the Rochester community through the sharing of knowledge and ideas. As a thanks, we wanted to share with you what you helped us accomplish. But, instead of listing a bunch of facts (booooring), we had Justin Dusett, who we can thank for all of our wonderful graphics and email blasts, put together a fun little infographic for you!

Did you know...

Our most popular class of 2016 may have been our Terrarium Workshops, but we had many other classes that ran regularly and were so popular, they sold out almost every time! Here are ten more of those top classes from our 2016 schedule, and a little about their fabulous teachers-- in no particular order. 

Brush Calligraphy // This class teaches the basics of hand lettering with brush-style pens. Students get to go home with practice sheets and different styled brush pens to keep working with. Brush Calligraphy is headed by self-taught calligrapher Anna Vos, a Roc mom, baker, chef and musician. Anna is a woman of many talents, and also teaches our Pierogi Making class, another crowd favorite. (Register for one of her 6 upcoming classes)

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving // This class offers a very basic introduction to tapestry weaving, and focuses on texture, fringe, and pattern for the 21st century. Students go home with a piece of their choosing, like wall hangings, coasters and mini-textiles. Tapestry Weaving is taught by surface designer, Courtney Craig. Courtney explores aspects of vintage, contemporary and traditional design in her creations for interior spaces. (Next Class: January 18th)

Comedy Improvisation // The possibilities are endless when it comes to improv. This class builds on the fundamentals and explores next level techniques like heightening, environment/object work and exploring relationships. Students play games that get them out of their comfort zones. Comedy Improvisation is taught by Megan Mack, sketch comedy writer, and television and radio producer. Megan also performs with Thank You Kiss, Two Fat Ladies and Monstrosity, and coaches Left for Dead. (Next Class: February 8th)

Flower Crowns Fit For A Goddess // You’re never too old or too modern to make your own romantic flower crown. In this class, students craft their own pieces out of locally grown flowers and foliage from Flowerwell. Students leave looking Instagram worthy. Flower Crowns is taught by Jenny Siplo, owner of specialty cut Flower Farm and Floral Design Studio, Flowerwell. She is passionate about growing local, sustainable and organic flowers that can be enjoyed by all. Jenny also teaches wreath making classes at the Brainery during the holiday season. (Next Class: Stay Tuned)

Make Your Own Sushi // This class teaches students the art of making sushi. Students learn from an expert sushi chef, and get to eat their creations when they’re complete! They’ll also get their own rolling mat to continue their practice at home. Make Your Own Sushi is taught by California Rollin II. (Next Class: February 6th)

Flower City Drinksmiths Classes // Our new partnership with Flower City Drinksmiths have brought us to classes at The Daily Refresher. From International Drinks to Holiday Drinks, Tequila to Bourbon, students love learning about drink making, and testing the creations. Students get the bartender experience and recipes to take home at each of the Drinksmiths’ classes. Flower City Drinksmiths classes are taught by Cameron Phelps and Frank Cooper Morehouse. Cameron has been bartending since 2007, and is a co-founder of The Daily Refresher. Frank has worked in the spirits industry as a bartender for over seven years. Both believe in using their passion for crafting cocktails to teach others what can be made (Next Class: January 24th)

Don't Have A Cow: Easy Vegan Cheese Anyone Can Make // Making your own non-dairy, lactose-free vegan cheese substitutes is easy! This class teaches students how to make three different varieties using a food processor: Tofu Basil Ricotta, Cashew Macadamia Goat-Style Cheese & Holiday Sharp Cheddar-Style Cheese Ball. Students will go home with recipes and get a light meal during the class. Our Vegan Cheese class is taught by Andrea Parros, owner and operator of The Red Fern, an all-vegan restaurant with gluten-free options on Oxford St. (Next Class: Stay Tuned)

Knife Skills // This class teaches students how to be more effective and efficient in the kitchen. This includes choosing the best knife, prepping the cutting board, learning proper grip and knife safety, a variety of different vegetable cuts and knife care. Learning the basics along with more advanced techniques helps students feel more confident in their cooking endeavors. Knife Skills is taught by Certified Health Coach & Certified Plant Based Cooking Instructor, Lora Downie. Lora offers in-home cooking classes for adults and children and personal cheffing services. (Next Class: January 24th)

Introduction to Watercolor Painting // This class teaches students a basic understanding of how and when to use different types of paints and how to apply layers of paint to achieve different kinds of effects. Students are given time to work independently during class after a brief demo period. Intro to Watercolor Painting is taught by Brandon Kelloway, a graduate from RIT who currently works as the creative director of a software company in Henrietta. Brandon loves all things fine arts: drawing, painting, wood burning, sculpting, pottery, illustration, and more! (Next Class: February 1st)

p.s.  Shoutout to our friends at Boomtown Table for helping us launch Whistle-Stop Dinners in 2016! We're in the process of planning more progressive dinners for 2017 so stay tuned!

Did you have a favorite class or teacher that wasn’t listed here? Have suggestions for classes or event in 2017? A website update you think we should make? Anything- really! Let us know in the comments below. 

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