Tuesday, October 3rd | 6:00PM-8:30PM | Fabric Collage & Stitch

In this class, you will create unique 3"x4" fabric and stitch greeting cards that are actually small fabric collages, embellished by hand-stitches and small buttons. Learn styles such as running stitch, blanket stitch, couch stitches, and French knots, which will add dimensional texture and interest to your design. You will also have the option of adding small buttons and beads to your pieces.

Please note: No previous experience is necessary. Each card comes with a vinyl protector, an envelope, and a plastic protective sleeve.

This class is appropriate for ages 18+.

This class will take place at Figgy Studio & Shop, located at 251 Park Ave, Rochester NY 14607.

If you would like to request a sign language interpreter or will be attending class with an aide, please fill out our contact form. Please also let us know if you have any preferences (seating, vision access, etc). Classes will take place on the 2nd floor of Figgy Studio & Shop which is only accessible by stairs.

About the teacher:
Stephanie Kelly is a full-time artist/instructor who works in hand-painting, mixed media and digital art. Visit her website arthappyhappyart.com to learn more, view her work, and read her art blog.

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