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Rochester's First Parklet

Rochester's First Parklet

Rochester is an amazing city, with many great things to offer its citizens: a diverse assortment of restaurants, delightful gift shops, unique and entertaining events and so much more. Yet when you step out onto the streets of Rochester, the city can sometimes feel disjointed, or unwelcoming to pedestrians and bikers. Lucky for the citizens of Rochester, our friends at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, Staach, and Slow Road are looking to change all that with the creation of Rochester’s first-ever parklet!

Right about now you’re probably wondering, what exactly is a parklet?

Parklets are basically what the word insinuates: teensy weensy parks. Public spaces located in unused curbside space, maintained by businesses for patrons and pedestrians to enjoy. Parklets first became popular in San Francisco, but now more and more cities across the country and the world are adopting this new mode of community space. Parklets promote the idea of ‘living in the moment’: enjoying the architecture and scenery, enjoying your city and the people around you, enjoying life and where you are in it.

(Parklet in San Francisco)

[Photo credit: San Francisco Planning Department]

Rochester’s first parklet will be located outside of Joe Bean Coffee Roasters. Design and craft company Staach created the design for the parklet, which will be occupying the space where a now defunct fire lane exists.

What does this particular parklet hope to achieve? The goal is to transform the area surrounding Joe Bean into more of a neighborhood, with a friendly and welcoming, almost park-like environment, open to patrons, pedestrians, and bikers alike. The parklet will also allow for opportunities like pop-up events, public art, and food trucks. The City of Rochester is in full support of the Joe Bean parklet, and is viewing it as a sort of pilot parklet. If the parklet at Joe Bean is successful, the city seeks to launch a municipally-led parklet program across the city.

(Conceptual rendering of what the Joe Bean parklet will look like)

[Rendering credit: Staach]

In order for this parklet dream to become a reality, the organizers of the parklet need your help. A fundraiser on Kickstarter has begun, and they are looking to reach a goal $11,875. Upon reaching this financial goal, the team will be able to complete Phase 1 of the parklet process, with funds going toward wood, steel, plants, and construction costs.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter video, and also check out Joe Bean Coffee Roasters to see where the parklet site will be and maybe grab a cup of joe while you’re at it!

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