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Collaborative Scary Story at Memorial Art Gallery

Collaborative Scary Story at Memorial Art Gallery

Memorial Art Gallery's Museum of the Dead

On October 29th, we celebrated Halloween a little early at the Memorial Art Gallery's Museum of the Dead cocktail event.  We had a lot of fun seeing everyone's creative and scary costumes, and the attendants had a lot of fun participating in our collaborative scary story.  We got the ball rolling by writing the title (Hidden in the Archives) but every line after that was written by party-goers. It may not make sense but hey, at least we wrote it together, right friends? Get into the Halloween spirit again and enjoy the literary talents of your fellow Rochesterian!


Hidden in the Archives

My heartbeat thudded heavily in my ears as I turned away from It. I began to run… It gave chase. It was terrifying. I saw a house on the hill. I approached the house as bats flew out of the atrium… I turned back; was It behind me?! Or was It in from of me or on top of me? Then behind a Monet painting was a mummy arm! Why did it glow in the dark? I stared at the painting confused and disoriented from fear. Was my mind conjuring mere illusions or was it really illuminating? I fell into a trance, my mind consumed by maddening thoughts. What fell powers could have conjured such foul spectres, and what malign intelligence could have unleashed upon me? I cry, my desire is to take blood. But my physician said I was “blood intolerant.” Luckily for me, he had other bodily fluids, A lifetime’s supply. You know what they say: “A doctor a day keeps the apples away.” Sadly, I had a life-threatening allergy to blood, other bodily fluids, apples, and… doctors. Then the nerve spiders came. In time, they would become my closest friends and most loyal minions. Then BAM! Their legs fell off. So I grabbed my purse and high-tailed it out of there.

“What was theattt?” she asked. Amor, or was that a moray eel, that is??? No, it’s white wine and it smells like grapes. Well… go ahead and put it in the freezer cuz grapes are good frozen. Just like your icy heart! She turned and left the room. And then, a flock of birds flew in and the sun came out. Then Leeloo came along and saved the day with Catwoman by bringing Jello!! And yet, the villain had only retreated. Or perhaps trick or treated, only time will tell…… But who cares about time when you could be making grilled cheese? “It’s all gouda,” replied the left shark with a wink. And then he ate the surfer. But by some strange miracle, the surfer survived! And went on to get totally PITTED!!! Surf’s always up. He decided he was done with surfing, and went back to get his G.E.D.  After many years of careful study, he graduated with a Ph.D in immunology and microbiology with a concentration in the mysterious process of dolphin communication. While on an expedition on the pacific coast, studying his favorite species of dolphin with his best friend Jerome the Bulldog, a brilliant light caught his eyes in the distance. It was Atlantis! He followed the dolphins to the heart of the underwater empire where he met… a mysterious and handsome merman, whose tail was like whoa.


(some lines were edited to make the story a little more family friendly).

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