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Brain Music Ep 43: Rachel Cordaro

Brain Music Ep 43: Rachel Cordaro

Photos Provided By Rachel Cordaro

There's no doubt that finding the perfect playlist can motivate and inspire you. Whether it's finishing the last mile of your run, tackling that laundry you've been putting off, or getting you through your workday, tunes can change everything. So let's motivate and inspire each other, shall we?

This is Brain Music: a selection of songs curated monthly by different members of the Rochester community that we hope will inspire you the same way it inspires its curator. Today we bring you a playlist curated by Rochester-based artist, Rachel Cordaro. Without further ado, here's Brain Music Episode 43.

Rachel Cordaro Intro

Hello, I’m Rachel Cordaro, a full-time Rochester native, and floral paintress. I create contemporary and whimsical floral paintings and also adore putting my original design on home accents like pillow covers, table linens, and more! 

Rachel Cordaro In Studio

Fun fact, my husband Cordell Cordaro is a Rochester grown full-time artist too! We participate in many of the annual local juried art festivals around town, as well as selling our works to local high-end boutiques and stores. I work from a home art studio, and my creative process is always different. Sometimes I leap out of bed for a morning paint session while other times I leave room to relax, be with friends, devote time to writing, and being outside, and then I will work in my studio late into the night. 

Paintings By Rachel Cordaro

Any creative person—writers, musicians, and so on—you know how it goes, “Leave room for inspiration and the mood to create will present itself. Good music helps!” I feel so honored to be able to do what I was born to do, and that is to create art! Here are some tunes that get the paint fling'n in my art studio, to see what this music inspires, you can view my artwork here!

— Rachel

Listen to Rachel’s playlist here, or preview it below. 

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