Brain Music Episode 20: Laura Seymour


There's no doubt that finding the perfect playlist can motivate and inspire you. Whether it's finishing the last mile of your run, tackling that laundry you've been putting off, or getting you through your workday, tunes can change everything. So let's motivate and inspire each other, shall we?

This is Brain Music: a selection of songs curated monthly by different members of the Rochester community that we hope will inspire you the same way it inspires its curator.

Today we bring you a playlist from local maker, macrame artist and Brainery teacher, Laura Seymour. Laura is the owner and operator of Hitch + Cord, you may recognize her work from the walls here at the Brainery. Without further ado, Brain Music Episode 20: 
Laura Seymour Intro

Photo by Olivia Bauso 

Hi! My name is Laura Seymour and I'm a full-time fiber artist and owner of Hitch + Cord. I work out of my home studio right here in Rochester creating modern macrame decor. I started making macrame three years ago and this business has been a great change of pace from my former life in corporate marketing. Some of my favorite things include old houses, flea markets, traveling, interior design and dogs (especially my two pups Uma and Fluff). 

Photo by Olivia Bauso 

I've never been very picky when it comes to music and enjoy almost all genres except country-- although that Blake Shelton is quite charming. I enjoy listening to music while I'm working (when I'm not binge-watching Netflix), and like a lot of people my music choices change with my mood. Since I work alone, music can be quite comforting and also keeps me motivated.  

Photo by Olivia Bauso

For this month's Brain Music I chose an all female artist playlist in honor of all the girl bosses out there. I hope these upbeat and bad ass lady anthems keep you rockin' through the month of May! 

- Laura Seymour

Photo by Olivia Bauso


 You can listen to Laura's  playlist at this link or right below: