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COVID-19 Update

*Updated June 16, 2021*

Hello everyone,

As of June 15th, 2021, 70% of New Yorkers have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. With this milestone, New York has lifted the state's COVID-19 guidelines and New York State Forward restrictions across most commercial settings.

For Rochester Brainery, this means we can begin to rebuild our business and start our recovery. We're excited to provide you with experiences we haven't been able to offer in over a year. We're excited to celebrate with you, your family, and friends during private events.

And so, starting today Rochester Brainery will no longer require those who are vaccinated to wear a mask during classes or events. Unvaccinated individuals are still responsible for wearing a mask per the CDC guidance.

We know that some of you may not be comfortable with this change just yet. There are things we want to make sure you know that we will continue doing:

 - We will continue to offer classes online, in addition to our outdoor and indoor options.
- We will always support your choice to continue wearing a mask, even if you are vaccinated. 

- We will continue to have touchless hand sanitizer stations available throughout the space.

- We will continue to make sure our space is cleaned and sanitized (this was important to us prior to the pandemic as well). 

- Curbside pickup and local delivery will still be available for online retail orders.

We realize there is still work to do around the globe and COVID-19 is not gone. We will continue to make any changes necessary to keep our community safe.

Thank you for sticking around through the many changes we've made over the past many months. When Rochester Brainery opened eight years ago, we did so with the goal of bringing the community together to share experiences. We look forward to being able to share those experiences with you for years to come. 💙⁣

Danielle Raymo
Owner, Rochester Brainery