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Sipping on Summer with Flower City Drinksmiths

Sipping on Summer with Flower City Drinksmiths

Words and photos by Olivia Bauso

Cameron Phelps and Cooper Morehouse are long-time bartenders with a passion for sharing their craft. Together with their partners at Flower City Drinksmiths, the two have been sharing the unique curriculum of craft cocktails with drink-lovers of Rochester. 

In addition to working with and training younger bartenders in the industry, Flower City Drinksmiths aim to bring their knowledge to the public, opening their eyes to cocktail history, bar tools and classic drink recipes. We joined Flower City Drinksmiths at The Daily Refresher for a recent class during the sixth annual Negroni Week, an event launched in 2013 by Imbibe Magazine in sponsorship with Campari. Students learned how to make four versions of the classic cocktail: the Sweet Negroni, Vegetal Negroni, Heavy Negroni and Light Negroni. 

We've recapped the night in photos, so you know exactly what you missed. . .








Join the Flower City Drinksmiths for one of their upcoming cocktail-making classes! The price of each ticket includes two cocktails, light snacks, and a little surprise to kickstart your home bar. 

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