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Rochester Oratorio Society is coming to Rochester Brainery!

Rochester Oratorio Society is coming to Rochester Brainery!


Ever heard of Johannes Brahms? Well, he has created one of the most beautiful musical masterpieces in history. The piece is known as A German Requiem and it is important to the history of choral music. Rochester Oratorio Society (ROS) is performing the piece live on March 13th of this year. If you have never heard of ROS, it is a local choral/orchestra ensemble that has been around since 1945. Their mission is to get involved with the community through their high quality and live choral music. Not only are they a part of the culture here in Rochester, they give incredible performances that engage, educate, and entertain the citizens of our great community.

Come join us...

ROS is coming to Rochester Brainery to give an educational presentation of the German Requiem by Brahms and it is free. Yes I said FREE!

Roy Kirvan Ph.D. (pictured left) is a German linguist, cultural historian and vocalist with ROS. He will be a major part of the discussion along with Mona Seghatoleslami, the evening drive host and producer for WXXI, and the ROS artistic director Eric Townell. This is an incredible chance for community members to learn about an important piece of musical history. Not only do you get to learn, but extended program notes and a ticket discount to their performance will be handed out. 

Performance of the Musical Masterpiece…

The list of musical artists that are a part of the performance will make it a truly remarkable experience. It includes ROS members Eric Townell (artistic director), Jenni Lättilä (soprano), Benjamin Bloomfield (baritone), Linda Boianova (piano) and Kevin Nitsch (piano). There will also be special guests that include the Houghton College choir and Adam Luebke (Director).

A German Requiem is a marvelous piece that these artists will be able to perform. Other than the music, some of the beauty lies within its lyrics:

“Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit; aber ich will euch wiedersehen, und euer Herz soll sich freuen, und eure Freude soll niemand von euch nehmen. Sehet mich an: Ich habe eine kleine Zeit Mühe und Arbeit gehabt, und habe grossen Trost funden. Ich will euch trösten, wie einen seine Mutter trösten.”

(John 16: 22; Isaiah 66: 13; Ecclesiasticus 51: 35)

“You now have sadness; but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and no one shall take your joy from you. Look at me: I have labored and worked hard for a short time, and have found great comfort. I want to comfort you, as one is comforted by his mother.”

There is so much to this musical piece that it would be wrong to miss any opportunity to connect with it. Thanks to ROS, the opportunities for you to connect with this piece are here. Be sure to attend the free presentation and performance!

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