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East Coast Toast Truck: It's a Crumby Business

East Coast Toast Truck: It's a Crumby Business

Words, video and photos by Olivia Bauso

There’s a new food truck on the block- one that may be particularly appealing to avocado-loving, millennial taste buds.

Inspired by the avocado toast trend and niche toast trucks in California, East Coast Toast brings their take on the beloved breakfast food to Rochesterians. Owned by Webster residents Nick, Kristina, Amber and Anthony Imburgia (two brothers and their wives), the truck pays homage to the family-favorite dish. Kristina says, “Our families just grew up eating toast. It’s something we assume everyone else grew up loving too, and will want to see a different take on.”

The menu is crafted primarily by Nick (the truck’s "chef") and Kristina (the “sous chef”) and includes standard items (The Street Corn Avocado, The Mediterranean, The Heirloom Tomato, The Ricotta Honey and The Sammy Banana), along with some rotating specials. The Street Corn Avocado is a fan-favorite and includes grilled sweet corn, lime, queso fresco, cilantro, and smoked paprika. The Heirloom Tomato showcases their take on a Caprese salad, with local farmstand tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, and balsamic glaze. The Sammy Banana, named after Nick and Anthony’s father, is hyper kid-friendly and features creamy peanut butter, banana, honey and a housemade cinnamon almond crunch. All toasts are served on a fresh, thick sliced ancient sourdough from Amazing Grains in Fairport. Kristina says, “It’s definitely important for us to give back to our local community and support our farmers, the people who boost our economy...” Amber cuts in: “And we want to know where the food is coming from.”

While this is the owners’ first go in the food service industry, the four have always been lovers of playing with and eating local food. Kristina says, “Nick and I both love to cook, so this all happened really organically. We just had to take the reigns and make it a reality! We always menu-test at home and are working on ideas for what to have as our next toast.” Amber adds, “Yeah, they can make anything taste good!” She laughs and continues, “Anthony and I have been not so much into cooking, but we have probably been to every restaurant in Rochester and are always trying new things.” She and Anthony handle more of the business side of the company, coordinating schedules and working day-of.

Nick and Anthony are used to working with each other as co-owners of Profeta Painting, but the addition of their wives has been a new adventure. Amber explains, “I think it’s always been what we’ve wanted- all four of us to be able to work with each other. It definitely brings us closer, and we get to go to all the different events in Rochester together and see things from a new angle.” Kristina echoes Amber: “This is very true! It’s just fun and it’s a lot of learning.” “We haven’t kicked anyone off the truck yet,” Amber adds.

Kristina and Amber express their gratefulness to the Rochester food truck community for their support in this endeavor. Amber gives special thanks to Tony and Angie from Tuscan Wood Fired Pizza: “They’ve always told us to just keep going, to just keep doing it.” So far, this advice has proven helpful for East Coast Toast. What the truck really needs is just more exposure. Amber explains, “Some people either get it or they don’t, so we’re working on branding, allowing the crowd to actually see what it is and try it out. Once they get it, they love it and now we have our repeat customers.”

Moving forward the family hopes to just keep trucking along. “We want to continue going to as many events as we can this Summer, and just keep putting our name out there,” Kristina explains. The company also offers catering and specifies that their menu items would work well for weddings or graduations. Kristina continues, “Maybe in the future we’ll have a little storefront, have a toast bar or something... We’ll see what it turns into!”


Follow East Coast Toast Truck on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on their whereabouts.

Try East Coast Toast at Rochester Brainery during our August Brainery Bazaar. From 11am-4pm! There will also be free coffee from Java's, lots of local vendord, and music by The Genesee Three.

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