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Rochester Brainery Presents: Roc Girl Gang Gallery

Rochester Brainery Presents: Roc Girl Gang Gallery

Words by Olivia Bauso
Photos provided by Sarah Knight


Following the imaginative art from the ladies of Dudes Night Out, The Gallery Room at Rochester Brainery is showcasing the female artists of Rochester once again.

Staying consistent with our Gallery Coordinator Jason Barber's mission to feature females, he’s teamed up with with Roc Girl Gang, a fairly young Instagram feed and blog that features, supports and connects with female creatives, makers and entrepreneurs of Rochester, NY. This #girlboss group is a growing online circle that fosters community over competition.

Sarah Knight, founder of the Roc Girl Gang feed (pictured below!), is a graphic designer and mom here in Rochester. She began Roc Girl Gang after recognizing that there was really nothing else like it out there. Sarah says, “this was surprising because there are so many artistic, creative, entrepreneur-type women in Rochester. Roc Girl Gang is really selfishly for me so that I can get to know and share all of them."

After a soft-launch on Explore Rochester in early April, Roc Girl Gang hit hard with their first post on May 1, 2016  (which featured our own Danielle Raymo!). The Instagram page currently has over 5,000 followers and grows by 100-150 people each week. “It’s still really booming,” says Sarah. “I thought the feed would probably be successful because it wasn’t about me, it was about every woman in Rochester. I thought if this is done well, if I can get these amazing women to be involved, I didn’t see how it couldn’t be successful.”

What can you expect from our Roc Girl Gang show? The exhibit will have everything from abstract pieces to landscapes, installation pieces to textiles, quilt designs to clothes, and everything you can imagine in between. As Jason puts it, “It’s literally not your traditional art show.”

The parameters for entry were simple: anyone who has had a hand in the Roc Girl Gang feed had the opportunity to submit work. From photographers to models, artists who have done calligraphy for inspirational quotes, or someone who has been featured or re-posted. All these creatives in one room (our Gallery Room!) creates a completely unique experience and showcases so many different talents.

Our Roc Girl Gang artists include:

Catherine Costanza
Amy Moore
Ashley Cellura
Rachel Cordaro
Rachael Gootnick (Just Terrific Handcrafted Goods)
Brittany Statt
Melissa Huang
Andrea Durfee
Stephanie Krist
Mary Ethel Rockcastle
Kara Cox
Kristina Kaiser
Ashley Epping
Megan Armstrong
Megan Alchowiak
Cris Van Grol
Laura Seymour
And so many more...

We’re so lucky that the Brainery gets to showcase all this amazing talent. Join us on Saturday, October 22nd from 6-9pm to celebrate the opening of "Rochester Brainery Presents: Roc Girl Gang Gallery" in our Gallery Room! Food and fun are included thanks to Scratch Bakeshop, Hannah Betts and Ugly Duck Coffee!

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